Designed to help you find peace in your home

This course is a companion to the Declutter Your Home in 15 Minutes a Day workbook. In each video we'll walk you through the key lessons of the workbook. We'll show you very specific steps to declutter even the trickiest items.

  • 25+ video lessons with specific decluttering examples

  • Step-by-step guidance through the most difficult items in your home

  • A friendly and practical approach no matter your limitations

  • Lifetime access

What You Can Expect from the Course

Clear steps to declutter your home quickly


    Simple steps that walk you through a tried and true process for achieving decluttering success in as little as 15 minutes a day.


    In depth video lessons that talk you through how much to keep of each category of items in your home.


    "Ask Yourself Questions" to reframe how you look at the rooms in your home and the most common items that overtake those spaces.

  • FAQS

    Frequently Asked Questions that address the common problems we all face when striving to live in a simplified environment.


    Key concepts to build your "decluttering muscles" so tasks become easier and the progress is far greater than what you've tried before.

A Step By Step Guide

through each area of your house. We focus on how much to keep and what to let go!

Meet the Instructor


Dawn Madsen

Based on the popular YouTube channel The Minimal Mom, this practical course is a step by step guide for decluttering every room in your home. Dawn guides your journey, sharing her proven approach and strategic methods to achieve the decluttering satisfaction that she and thousands of others have come to enjoy.

Real Stories of Transformation

Have Changed My Life


I'm a mama of 4 that was always depressed that she couldn't keep up and thought something was just wrong with me. The concepts and tips Dawn shares have changed my life. The more stuff that goes out of my house the more I can enjoy my home and family. From my heart, THANK YOU!

Our Home is Transformed!

DanetteI wanted

I wanted you to know that you've had an impoact on my family's life. We have used the term "inventory" and countless "donation boxes"! My wardrobe is down to one dresser, with one drawer half empty, if a toy comes in, another goes out. We can clean up our spaces in 15 minutes -- our home is completely transformed! Thank you for all you do to encourage and help us!

You CAN declutter your home

We'll help you each step of the way!